Everything You Want to Know about the Cute Breed of Pomeranian Pug Mix

Pomeranian pug mix is a hybrid breed, which is so cute and adorable. It can be called a designer dog, which is now called with many clever nicknames as:

Pug A Pom
• Pugeranian
• PugaPom
• PomaPug
• PugPom and,
• PomPug etc.

Pomeranian Pug mix descends from a royal pedigree as both these breeds have gained the fame, love, and attention worldwide.

The history

Both the parents of the first Pomeranian Pug breed were from outside of Great Britain. Pomeranian came from Pomerania situated in Germany. Pomeranian dogs actually belonged to the Spitz family used as sled dogs. After many of Pomeranian introduction to Great England, once Queen Victoria noticed the beauty of one orange Pomeranian, which paved the first brick in the royal Pedigree of Pomeranian Pug mix.

How to get a Pomeranian Pug dog?

There are various ways to find one, and the first option may be to look at the fog shelter. These are the dogs which are in bad need of rescue, and you can take it up as a holy mission. They also come for free and will cost only a minimal adoption and vaccination fee. Adopting is the best move if you are not bothered about the 100% genetic purity.

An ideal Pomeranian Pug mix will be 50-50 of both breeds. However, there would be multi-breed Pomeranian Pug like 25% of either breeds or so. This may be important to many, but not all. If genetic purity is your primary concern, then buying from a certified breeder is suggested. Here are some points to note while buying a Pomeranian Pug mix from breeders.

• If you are exploring buying options through online, make sure once after choosing the best, you should go and inspect them personally to ensure you are getting into the real deal.

• Better to avoid payment through cash. If any breeder insists on this, it may be an attempt to eliminate any tracing details leading to him, better to switch away.

• You also can ask to check the parents of the Pomeranian Pug mix you consider and view their certificates and registration papers.

• If the Pomeranian Pug puppy you consider is more than eight weeks old, you should get the certificate of vaccinations too from the breeder.

• Get the puppy inspected by a vet before buying and check for any inherited ailments or behavioural problems.

Training Pomeranian Pug mix

One of the most reassuring things about Pomeranian Pug mix is that these are easy to train and care for. You might need buy the best harness for your pug. This breed is noted to be more intelligent and alert with flair to follow and please the owners. They tend to obey orders and commands easily. Be consistent and patient while training your god, and don’t allow small dog syndrome to prevail at your house.

Pomeranian Pug mix is energetic and playful and requires regular walks or exercise. They can adjust with condo or apartment living. Usually, Pomeranian Pug mix may have highly sensitive skin and may not tolerate too much heat and too much cold.